Archero is a beautiful Archery based game, where the aim of the game is to get as strong as possible. You only get one life, so you have to keep collecting upgrades to maintain high damage and good health. Rooms are randomly generated, as are the upgrades you can choose from so gameplay is fresh every time you play.

Is Archero Unique?

Yes, I would argue that the gameplay in Archero is unique and enjoyable. Ok, there are elements that have been done before, like random abilities and enemies. But, other than these elements, the entire experience is unique and fresh.

Every time you meet an angle, defeat a boss or rank up, it will give you the chance to add one more upgrade to your character. Each upgrade you add stacks on top of the previous, meaning the longer you survive the more powerful your bow becomes.

With the wide array of power-ups, it’s rare to end up with the same list of upgrades as a previous go. This encourages you to experiment with the different options that appear every time it presents you with an upgrade. Sometimes this benefits you, other times you realise this power-up is one to avoid.

Is Archero Fun?

I can say this without a doubt yes. Some new players may find it difficult because it demands a level of excellence from you. You are supposed to dodge as much as possible, dealing damage is only half the battle. You need to make sure you get hit as little as possible, this is because of the scarce amount of health that is given back to you.

If you are not getting past the first 15 levels, then you are choosing bad upgrades, or you are being too greedy with your shots. Landing one or two shots before moving is a fair trade for taking no damage. Standing still for a period will get you killed, so keep moving.

Archero is a game where the only control you have is the player movement, yet there is so much more to it than just moving. It requires you to be thinking ahead and checking what projectiles are coming at you from every direction. Once you know how enemies move in a certain way, you can dodge effectively. So do not expect to hit the ground running, prepare for some trial and error.

Is It Repetitive?

The answer to this question is surprising, no. Yes, you may only have control over your movement, but this doesn’t mean the game gets boring. You have multiple elements that are randomly generated, making each attempt unique in its own right.

Your perfectly good runs can go sour in a matter of seconds, causing frustration. This frustration is not aimed at the game, instead, it is at yourself for making several mistakes which cost you your life. This frustration rarely ended with me quitting the application, instead, I just had to go back in and try to redeem myself.


I love this game; I love the challenge, the randomness and the difficulty progression. I think the graphics are good enough, the enemy behaviours are difficult to avoid and the challenge makes gameplay fun.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this game. I wish I could stack more energy to have more turns, and I wish the energy regenerated faster. Other than these small problems, this game is well worth playing!