Evolution 2: Utopia is a brand new third person shooter on mobile that features a ton of action-packed content as you battle aliens, mercenaries, and other players in various different modes.

There’s a wealth of weapons and equipment to unlock and upgrade, technology to research, and planets to explore over the course of the lengthy adventure. Did we mention there’s also a lot of things to shoot?

In this guide, we’re going to give you a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get off to a flying start. You can also check out our full review, which details whether or not this is worth your time.

Evolution 2 Tips and Tricks:

  • Shoot the closest enemies first: The enemies closest to you are more often than not the biggest threat. This is particularly true during horde levels, where you have to battle tons of mutant alien spiders and the like. Take the closest ones down first, and swap to a weapon that performs better in close range if you have to, like the shotgun.
  • Save your firepower for bosses or tougher enemies: Grenades and rocket launchers are best saved for use against bosses and tougher enemies, as most of the weaker enemies can be mowed down with relative ease using your base weapons. The same goes for your sniper shots – use these against enemies that need to go down quickly, like grenadiers or other snipers.
  • Hold the right side of the screen to buy yourself time: Tapping and holding on the right side of the screen slows down time and allows you to swap targets. However, we found it a useful mechanic when we needed to buy ourselves some time. If you need to get out of the way of a grenade or melee enemy, you can use this to quickly get some respite from the action.
  • Upgrade your favourite weapons – and don’t forget your armour: You can upgrade weapons and armour using steel and other resources you’ll gather as you play. You’ll also quite quickly learn which weapons you use more often than the others. Upgrade these first – and don’t forget your armour. That’ll keep you alive when your assault rifle runs out of bullets.
  • Always be crafting and researching: You can craft health kits, grenades, and various other equipment that you’ll need in the various levels you’ll battle through. Always have a steady supply coming in by crafting stuff between battles. The same goes for research – always have something researching in the background to ensure you’ve always got what you need when you need it.