Archero is all about taking your bow and arrow to the unrelenting forces of evil. It’s a game where you take on rooms full of enemies using nothing but a bow and arrow. Fear not, as each time you level up you or your bow gains a new ability.

You can get an upgrade by levelling up, killing a boss or finding an angle. These upgrades can be useful at the moment like healing up. Or they can be useful long term like firing two arrows at once. Either way, it’s up to you to make sure you live as long as you can while getting as strong as possible.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Know thy enemy. In a game where the enemies never stop coming, it’s important for you to learn who you are up against. Once you know how an enemy moves and attacks, you can dodge and attack effectively.
  • Kill or be killed. If you die, you start again from the beginning. This means working your way up from the basic bow and low health, etc. So treat your health bar with serious care as it is hard to get your health back.
  • Experiment with power-ups. Don’t play safe and always grab the same power-ups, you might miss out on some crazy combinations. Stacking similar attacks is a great way to do a lot of damage, for example, poison and burning effect will do serious damage after your arrow hits.
  • Heal or upgrade? Well, it’s situational but there is no point grabbing an upgrade if your health is low. Be sensible, is it worth risking your turn for one more upgrade, or do you play safe and just get the health.
  • Move and shoot. You can’t ever shoot while you are moving, so you will need to move after you have fired your shot. The greedier you are with how many shots you fire will increase your risk of being hit.
  • Dodge is everything. Not getting hit is as important as hitting the enemy, so it matters how you dodge an enemy’s shot. Ideally, you want to be as brave as possible and move away at the last second. This will avoid the maximum amount of enemy shots in one move.
  • Shoot! You do not need to see an enemy in order to start shooting them. If you are safe in the other side of the level away from the enemy, then use this to your advantage. But remember, if you can shoot from far away, so can your enemy.