Gentle Sniper is a genuinely sick mobile game in which you have to snipe down a variety of everyday objects from cans of beans to… cats! What sort of sick cat hater created this madness?

In this guide, we’re going to provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you hit the bullseye every single time. Just make sure you hit the skip button whenever a cat pops up or we won’t be friends anymore.

Gentle Sniper Tips and Tricks:

  • Aim for the centre of an object: Want the highest score? Aim for the centre of an object. No, we don’t mean the centre of the screen – we mean the centre of the object you’re trying to shoot.
  • Tap slightly early: The cursor doesn’t react immediately as you tap, and has a slightly delayed reaction. We recommend tapping slightly early to ensure you still hit the target.
  • Skip difficult levels: You can watch an ad to skip a particularly difficult level. We also recommend doing this whenever the game tries to make you shoot an innocent little pet.
  • Prepare for unusual levels: Keep a close eye on the objects in the level, as the objective isn’t always immediately clear. The pizza, for example, requires you to fire a pepperoni on the slice that’s missing one.
  • Line up one of your sights first in moving levels: During levels in which the objective moves, we recommend lining up one of the sights first so that firing just requires a simple second tap.