Blocksbuster! is a brand new high score chaser by masters of the genre Voodoo, which challenges you to direct a hole around a variety of levels swallowing up a bunch of coloured blocks.

Progress as far as you can without missing a block to get the highest score, though you’ll have to be careful to avoid swalling a bomb. That’s got game over written all over it.

In this guide, we’re going to provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get a high score in no time.

Blocksbuster! Tips and Tricks:

  • Go it slow: There’s no reward for going quickly so just take your time. You won’t get a higher score for burning through the levels but you will if you follow the rest of the tips in this guide. Be patient.
  • Chain together block collecting: If you collect all of the blocks in a level without a gap (i.e. you don’t stop collecting blocks from the moment you first collect a block until the level is complete) you’ll get a perfect score. If high scores are serious business for you, chase this.
  • Collect gems: You’ll see glowing purple gems in a wide variety of levels as you play. You can collect them the same way you collect blocks and we recommend it.
  • Bombs are bad: Bombs are bad business, so avoid them at all costs. Collect a bomb and it’s game over. Players who are experiencing a game over do not get a high score. Bear that in mind.
  • Don’t ignore power-ups: Power-ups are incredibly handy in Blockbuster!. One power-up in particular will blow up all of the bombs in the level, making it a heck of a lot easier to complete. Use them.