Thanks to the latest update, you can now file a lawsuit against a variety of different people or companies you dislike. Spouse cheated on you? Lawsuit! Botched plastic surgery? Lawsuit!

In this guide, we’re going to explain how lawsuits work, who you can file them again, and how to file them.

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Who Can You File a Lawsuit Against?

Basically, any circumstance that you can file a Lawsuit against a person or company in real life, you can do so in BitLife. Here’s a few examples:

  • An ex-spouse who cheated on you.
  • Botched plastic surgery.
  • Being fired in a discriminatory manner.
  • Getting robbed or assaulted.
  • Getting injured and it wasn’t your fault.

You won’t automatically win though – again, just like in real life. From scrolling through Reddit, we’ve seen people lose reasonable lawsuits and win seemingly impossible ones.

We’ll have to do more research to figure out how the probability works.

How do I File a Lawsuit in BitLife?

Filing a Lawsuit in BitLife is very easy. Winning is another problem entirely. To file one, simply head on over to the ‘Activities’ tab and select the ‘Lawsuit’ option.

You will need a legitimate reason to file a Lawsuit for an option to appear on the subsequent page though. We’ve included a few options in the previous section for those who aren’t clear.

Also, just to be abundantly clear, this ability is not currently available in the Android version of the game. It’s only available on iOS and you’ll need to have updated the game to the latest version, 1.16.

And that’s it! We hope you have fun filing lawsuits against all and sundry. It will likely lead to a nice little earner.