Earlier this year, mobile gaming titan IGG released Mobile Royale, a slick follow-up to chart toppers Castle Clash and Lords Mobile. And without wishing to steal Mobile Royale’s thunder, we’ve just heard about the studio’s next title.

The first thing that jumps out about this new project is that it’s not an SLG, IGG’s stock in trade. Instead it’s a sandbox game, and the studio is quietly confident that it’s going to be a hit.

Codenamed “Craft Legend”, the new game has already completed its internal testing and should be ready to launch very soon. Our contact at IGG even sent us a screenshot, which shows a 2.5D interior view of an eccentrically shaped building.

Of course, this isn’t the first time IGG has ventured outside its comfort zone. Last year it released Sweet Maker, a match-three title along the lines of Candy Crush in terms of gameplay and, obviously, theme.

Sweet Maker attracted a huge number of daily active users, and IGG is confident that it can pull off the same feat with a sandbox game. After all, some of the most popular games on mobile belong to that genre, including Minecraft and Terraria, to name just two.

And while IGG is shaking things up as far as genre is concerned, it’s playing it safe in terms of presentation. Craft Legend has a bold, polished, cartoony look that will be familiar to players of Lords Mobile.

According to our IGG mole, Craft Legend will have more going for it that other sandbox games, including dungeons and costumes. Plus, unlike the aforementioned, it will be built for mobile from the ground up, hopefully making for a slicker and more touchscreen-friendly experience all round.

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly when it’s launching, but you can pre-register and pre-order via both Google Play and the App Store.