BitLife just received a massive new update, introducing a bunch of new features to the game. This includes lawsuits, singer and priest careers, nice parents, a cemetery, inheritance, entry-level jobs, boosts, and new cities. What? We said it was massive!

In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the changes to help you make the most of them. We’ll explain how it all works, how you can get the new jobs, and how to get the most from some nice (and rich) parents.

Check out the table of contents to skip to a particular section. If you’re looking for something else BitLife-related, check out our complete guide right here.

BitLife Version 1.16 Guide:

Check out the table of contents above and click to go to the relevant section to learn about any of the new features. Alternatively, simply scroll down and learn all about them the good old fashioned way.

How to Time Travel:

Time Travel isn’t a new feature introduced in this update but a lot of people are searching for it so we figured we’d try and make some sense of it. The short answer is, unless you live in Canada or Australia, you can’t right now.

That’s because the ability is being tested out in those two regions right now. It’s an IAP called ‘The Time Machine’ and it basically serves as an ‘undo’ button if you feel like you’ve made a mistake.

Candywriter took to Twitter to explain their decision to make it an IAP, rather than a free feature for everyone to use:

So, just to be clear, that’s $1 each time you want to time travel, rather than $1 to time travel indefinitely.

Candywriter explained that the IAP might roll out across the globe if people are positive about it. Let’s wait and see.

How Lawsuits Work:

Lawsuits offer a new method of getting some good old fashioned comeback against a former spouse. You have to have split with your partner before you initiate a lawsuit, and they probably need to have actually done something bad like assault you to deserve it.

Changes to Emojis:

A lot has changed regarding Emoji faces in this update. Yellow people are no more while gingers and a bunch of other appearances have been introduced.

Scouring through Twitter, we’ve seen girlfriends with shaved heads, middle eastern characters, and, of course, gingers!

Getting one of the new emojis is either left to random chance or makes sense. You probably can’t do anything to trigger a girlfriend with a shaved head but if you’re born in the middle east you’ll have a new middle eastern emoji face.

How to Become a Pop Star:

Becoming a singer and famous pop star is a brand new career path in BitLife, and will almost certainly net you the Famous ribbon alongside becoming an actor or porn star.

To become a singer, we recommend following the usual rules. Try and get your looks up as early as possible in life by going to the gym once per year and post to social media a lot. Try and build up a small gathering of followers before you even graduate high school.

Then, it’s time to browse the job listings. It might take some time for a relevant position to open up though so get something relevant in the time – preferably a job that will give you some money and help you increase your social media presence like an actor or porn star.

Eventually, you should find an entry level singing job like Backing Vocalist and work really hard at it each year. You’ll want to keep hitting that ‘Work Harder’ button each year until you get promoted, and keep posting to social media.

Eventually, you’ll achieve fame and get the ‘Pop Star’ title. It’s not overly difficult but don’t be surprised if it takes you a few BitLife years to get there.

How to Become a Priest:

Becoming a Priest is much simpler. All you have to do is stay celibate throughout your BitLife, do nice things for people whenever you get the opportunity to raise your karma, and get the entry level Deacon job to get you started.

There’s no real need to work hard at the periphery stuff like looks, smarts, or social media presence when aiming to become a Priest. In fact, it’s more about not doing stuff.

Nice Parents:

You now have a random chance to get nice parents in BitLife, and you’ll know it when you get them. They’ll give you plenty of gifts – particularly when you achieve things like graduate, pass your driving test, or get good grades.

There’s nothing you can really do to force having nice parents though, so don’t obsess over it. Just treat it as a nice little bonus on the BitLife when you eventually get them.

How to Visit the Cemetery:

The new Cemetery function lets you visit the gravestones of your past BitLives, complete with any Ribbons you’ve unlocked and stuff like that.

To visit the cemetery, simply visit the main menu and tap the cemetery option, which is the third option down. Simple stuff.

How to Get Your Inheritance:

Ever wished that you could inherit all of the money, cars, real estate, and more when you lose your BitLife and carry on as a child? Well, that’s become a reality in this update.

However, there is a huge catch. You need to be an only child to inherit stuff because the developers deem it too complicated to organise sharing.

So, basically, you’re going to have to try your best to only have a single child or kill any other children you have to ensure your only child reaps all the benefits of your stuff. And you thought BitLife was dark enough already.

Better Entry Level Jobs Selection:

This is more like a clean up on Candywriter’s part. Basically, when you start your career now you should see more entry level jobs appear on the listings. You might still have to wait a bit, but there should be less trouble.

How the Boosts System Works:

Boosts provide you with occasional, well, boosts in a particular statistic. You might randomly get laser hair removal for free, boosting your looks for example.

It’s all up to random chance though. Much like nice parents, think of boosts as a nice little addition to the experience rather than the answer to all of your problems.

New Cities:

Finally, you can now move to or be born in a collection of new cities, including:

  • Anchorage
  • Honolulu
  • New Orleans
  • Salt Lake City