Amber’s Airline – High Hopes is a time management game with a very safe sitcom style storyline pushing it all slowly along. It shouldn’t work. It should be an almost unbearably sickly sweet experience. But somehow it wins you over.

You play as the titular Amber, who works at Snuggford Airlines and dreams of becoming a top air-hostess. To do this she has to slog away via individual stages at the desks checking in customers and the like.

This is all done in standard time management fashion by tapping on certain desks and objects to help fliers. You can queue up actions and it’s not long before your check in area becomes very busy indeed.

Fortunately that’s not all there is to the game – otherwise it would get very tiresome indeed. It’s actually wrapped up in the aforementioned plotline which helps flesh out Amber’s hopes and her backstory, with the latter occasionally being quite dark. Well, dark for a GameHouse title at least.

Yes there won’t be any pulitzers handed over to the writers behind Amber’s Airline, but the plot is always just interesting and engaging enough to make you click through to the next stage.

There are also side objectives in levels attached to Amber’s life away from the airline, such as answering her phone or revising for an exam.

The game even varies up the setting for levels – including a desert island at one stage – although this never really alters what you’ have to do, with stages have the same layout throughout despite aesthetic changes.

But that ultimately sums up Amber’s Airline. It’s nothing new or special, but it’s comfort food in mobile game form.

There are few ads and the difficulty curve isn’t too harsh (although it’s still not the best) – if you’ve not tried a time management title before there are far worse places to start.

You can download Amber’s Airline – High Hopes right now via the App Store and Google Play.