Flappy Fighter seems like it would be some strange mish-mash of Street Fighter and Flappy Bird. But it’s not at all. It’s something far far better.

It’s effectively a classic one-on-one 2D fighter like Street Fighter but with bird-man brawlers instead of Ken, Ryu, and the like. In terms of gameplay it’s about as far away from Flappy Bird as you can possibly get.

You control your fighter via six on screen buttons. The two on the left move you left and right, and help you block if you hold them down.

To actually cause your opponent damage you have the other buttons to perform jump kicks and punches, as well as uppercuts and hadukens (basically a projectile weapon, for those not versed in Street Fighter).

Now we couldn’t blame you for thinking that all of the above sounds like it’s all a bit too complex for a mobile game. But Flappy Fighter manages to defy logic and is a true gift for fans of the genre.

The controls are easy to pick up and thanks to the size of the buttons never feel too much of a fudge, no matter how hectic the action becomes. The game’s wonderfully crisp retro styled visuals helps you to keep on top of things easily too.

Basically Flappy Fighter is a must if you’re looking for a new brawler on mobile. There are barely any ads to wade your way through, it never pushes any in-app purchases in your face, and has wonderfully back-to-basics presentation.

In fact that’s the only real downside to Flappy Fighter – there are barely any modes to play through. You have a training option and then three difficulty modes to play one-off battles – and that’s it.

Hopefully there will be more to come in future updates, but for now this is still a game well worth getting into a flap over.