Oh~! My Office is a time management game, and one that attempts to make the 9-5 shift appealing and endearing. I think it’s fair to say it doesn’t really pull it off.

You play as a pair of office managers in charge of a faltering company who – through a enjoyably largely unexplained plot twist – find themselves thrown back in time and given a chance to turn the business around.

You do this by rapping on workers desks to get them to focus, fulfilling their emotional needs, and finding various ways to make your office bigger and better.

All this is done via simple taps and a lot of menus – and to the game’s credit its presentation is crisp and clear. The cutscenes make little sense, but that’s all part of the fun.

You may well find yourself struggling to keep up with the initial tutorial however, with this creating problems later on – as there is no clear option to repeat lessons learnt if you miss something.

What’s a bigger issue is the game locking you out of progressing to later levels, with the only simple way to progress to dip into the in-app purchases to boost your income and gems.

You can replay older stages, but the rewards for these are low – with the money you can make in the Miner mode even lower. The latter is set up like a clicker title, but you’re limited in how much you can make in this mode every day.

Some grinding is expected in these titles, but Oh~! My Office simply asks too much of you – with scant reward for your efforts aside from some (admittedly enjoyably nonsensical) cutscenes.

It all results in a title that – like many new office jobs – seems different and diverting enough at first, but it soon becomes a tiresome slog.

Punch in and check out Oh~! My Office for yourself – if you wish – via both the App Store and Google Play.