Launching birds that are angry at pigs that are green have been the premise of around 17 different titles by Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds. So it’s fair to say they must bring something new to the table if they want us to fall in love with Angry Birds once more.

What’s New in Angry Birds AR?

We are all familiar with Angry Birds. You have a certain number of birds and must destroy all pigs from each scene. Each bird has different abilities and the environments are set up to make life difficult for you. I can safely say that none of this has changed, if anything it’s actually improved.

The USP (Unique Selling Point) for this Angry Birds game is the Augmented Reality (AR). Being able to project an Angry Birds level in your living room isn’t just entertaining, it’s engaging too. Often you may find you will need to get off your backside and have a wander around this level to look for weak spots.

One can’t help but feel giddy using their Smartphone or tablet as a scanner, carefully panning around a virtual scene looking for green piggies. To the rest of the world, you may look a little crazy, but there is just something about AR that makes Angry Birds great again.

Is it fun?

This is a tricky question to answer, because yes it is fun, but it has its problems. As with anything in AR, there are problems scanning and mapping the level correctly. Plus, it’s not really a game you can play on the go, like on a bus or train.

This makes recommending it a difficult thing to do. We all love mobile games for being quick, easy and time killers. If we are waiting for a friend, a bus or stuck in traffic a mobile game is perfect to take your mind off the world. Well, Angry Birds AR might be a good time killer, but it is not easy, and it is not quick.

If you are sat around at home and want some challenging levels to try to three stars, then this game is perfect for you. If you are a casual mobile gamer, who just wants to play a few levels whenever they are on the go, then perhaps another Angry Birds title is better suited for you.


I like this game, I think it’s a fresh twist on a stale franchise which is nearing the end of its lifetime. With that being said, I feel like there is a future for this game as a party trick. Something cool to show your cousins for five minutes before it bores you and play something else.