Laplace M has launched across the globe as Tales of Wind, a brand new mobile MMO full of anime characters, action combat, dungeons to explore, and much more.

It’s quite unlike many of the mobile MMORPGs that we’ve seen so far, with less of a focus on autoplay, dark fantasy visuals, and hardcore PvP. In this guide, we’re going to help bring you up to speed with Tales of Wind’s brand of mobile MMORPG.

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Tales of Wind Tips and Tricks:

  • Aim your skills: There’s less of a reliance on autoplay in Tales of Wind, so you’ll actually have to aim your skills at opponents. You can tap and hold on a skill to see where it will go when you fire it. Use this as a guide to help you aim your skills.
  • Perform your daily Kingdom Quests: Kingdom Quests provide the best rewards for the relatively little amount of time it takes to complete them. You might have to group up for certain quests, which is made easy thanks to a nifty team finder feature, but we recommend doing all of them every day. That way you’ll always be on the top of your game.
  • Disassemble all useless gear: You don’t need your old gear as soon as you’ve acquired better stuff, so just get rid. You can use the Disassemble All button in your inventory to quickly get rid of everything. The only items you should be wary of are cards. We’re not sure whether it’s worth holding onto rarer cards for now. Give it some time to see what the experts think about that.
  • Equip all Cards on gear: As you battle boss monsters – particularly during Kingdom Quests – you’ll acquire Monster Cards. These come in a variety of different rarities and offer statistical boosts for your character if you embed them on your gear. We strongly suggest that you embed your best cards on gear at all times. You can easily swap them to any new gear you get anyway.
  • Get your daily login, level pack, and sign in rewards: Each day, you can get login and sign-in rewards, and it’s pretty easy to forget about them. Don’t be that guy – collect them each day you sign in as you won’t know when you need the stuff they offer. Also, as you progress through the levels, you’ll get free stuff as a reward. Typically, this is every 20 levels or so but it’s best to check often.
  • Check the map for extra Challenges, quests, and content: If you tap on your minimap, you can get some visual clues as to where content you can complete is hiding. This way you can find Challenges, Quests, and various other pieces of content you may have missed.
  • Upgrade your skills when you level up: Each time you level up you get a skill point, which you can spend on new skills or upgrading existing skills. Do this every time you level up and check the requirements for future skills to make sure you’re heading along the right path. You can always reset your skills later if you make any mistakes.
  • Get your pre-registration rewards in your mail: We nearly missed these entirely. Hit the ‘Social’ button and you’ll see that you’ve got mail. Collect all of your Gold Boxes to get your pre-registration rewards – there’s some nifty stuff in there.
  • Use your Egg Nets to capture Guardian Eggs: You’ll occasionally gather Egg Nets as you progress, which you can use to capture Guardian Eggs. These provide you with pets that can follow you around, battling monsters with you and boosting your stats. To collect these, simply tap on the net in your inventory to teleport off to the location where eggs can be found.
  • Place your best Guardians in your Array: You can both deploy a pet and slot it in your array, giving you a nice statistical boost. We recommend checking to see if your most powerful pets are slotted on the Array as often as possible. It’s an easy thing to overlook yet it’s an excellent way to get stat boosts.