Candywriter, the developers of BitLife are in sync with their community. They are so in sync that they only add updates that the community repeatedly asks for. This time around the update is much more of a surprise than any previous. This goes to show that Candywriter cares about our enjoyment!

How Do I Become Famous?

This is a question many people have been asking since the introduction of social media in BitLife. Now, being famous doesn’t rely on your social media followers, although that helps. Instead, it’s all about what job you do, and if this job is in the public eye.

A good place to start if you want to be famous is to pick the most high-profile job out there. High-profile jobs include acting, porn star and modelling. Each one of these careers requires near perfect looks and a pinch of luck to get a job, so do not expect to land it on your first try.

A user on Reddit confirmed they were famous, even though they were a writer with 400 followers. This shows that being famous is not all about your social media presence. Instead, think about what job would have you in the public’s eye, and try to grow your social media anyway.

How Do I Grow My Social Media?

There are a couple of ways to increase the number of followers on social media, but my best advice is to start young. If you get a social media account when you are young, you will be able to amass more followers without even having to do much. It is not essential to start as young as possible, you can still make it famous starting social media late into your life.

Post to social media as often as possible. The more times you make a social media post the more followers you will get. It may not look like it as your post may only get a few likes, but don’t fret. Just keep posting and posting as many times as you want every year. It also helps to go on vacation and post to social media, makes me feel like I uploaded my holiday pics.

New Pets

Several new pets have been added, most of which include new breeds of cats and dogs. There are a few new additions to the exotic pet dealer and these include; Wolves, Dingos and Llamas. There are also Turtles and Alpacas to keep an eye out for, who doesn’t want a pet Llama!


There are a couple of new random events to keep you on your toes. One of which is the chance that a loved one is kidnapped. When someone is kidnapped, you will have three options; do nothing, involve the police or pay the ransom.

I don’t know what the best option is in terms of success rate, so you guys will have to experiment to see what works. If you like the person who is kidnapped, maybe just pay the ransom. Otherwise, try the other options and see what happens.

Kidnapping only seems to come up as a random event if you are wealthy. This makes sense as you wouldn’t kidnap someone of low value. So, it seems there is a new consequence of making a fortune in BitLife.