You’d think developer Webzen would be busy enough, what with MU Origin recently entering its seventh version in just a couple of short years.

But no. Not content to rest on its laurels, the studio is also in the midst of launching MU Origin 2, a bigger, slicker, prettier follow-up to its hit mobile MMORPG.

MU Origin 2 will give you the chance to jump into the sprawling MU Origin universe once again, only more so. All the classic gameplay elements will be there, including three distinct classes to choose from: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf.

Teaming up with other players, you’ll be able to take on dungeons, join a guild, do quizzes together, and much more.

Animal antics

The game contains pets and mounts, too, so you’ll have an animal companion to look after and level-up in return for a bit of backup in battle, and another one to carry you across the game’s long, long distances.

There are team battles in a place called the Harmatium (an ideal venue for inflicting harm) or more intimate 1v1 battles in the arena. Plus, daily dungeons, field quests, and everything else you’d expect to find in the follow-up to MU Origin.

MU Origin 2 is slated for release some time in the first half of 2019. Given that we’re already approaching the second third of the year, that means soon.

Webzen has already held a closed beta for the game, between March 29th and April 7th, and the studio has been in touch to give us the results.

It seems the Dark Wizard was the most popular class, attracting 43.7% of all players, while less than half that number chose to be Elves.

2,337,791 levels were cleared during the closed beta period, while 38,274 players were killed in PvP battles.

For more juicy stats, check out the handy infographic below.