Revue Starlight Re LIVE is a brand new gacha RPG based on the hit Japanese anime series. It picks up right where the series left off, serving as a direct continuation of the plot for fans.

You’ve probably played a gacha RPG before. If so, this will prove quite familiar to you. However, there are a bunch of features exclusive to this particular RPG that you might struggle to pick up at first.

That’s where we come in. We’ve played a bunch of it to bring you the following tips and tricks. That way, you can get your stage girls off to a flying start.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE Tips and Tricks:

  • Formation matters: When setting up your group, formation matters. You want to pick your character with the highest HP and Norm Def at the front to protect those at the back. At the back, you’ll want your ranged characters who deal the highest damage.
  • Use as many act points as possible: Each time you get a turn to attack, you can spend up to six act points. There’s no punishment for using all of them each round so do so. That way you’ll make short work of your opponents.
  • Take advantage of elemental weaknesses: Elemental weaknesses are really powerful in Revue Starlight, so we recommend using them as often as possible. If you ever see the ‘Weak’ symbol next to a skill when determining your act, use that character or elemental type as many times as possible. Conversely, it’s not really worth using an attack that enemies ‘Resist’.
  • Use your climax abilities as often as possible: Each act, check to see if you can use a climax ability. You’ll know if you can if the ‘Climax’ button on the left of the screen is glowing, tap it. That way you’ll destroy your opponents much faster.
  • Level up your favourite Stage Girls: As you play, you’ll earn a bunch of Lesson Tickets that you can spend to give your favourite characters a serious boost in experience. That way, they’ll level up super quickly.
  • Pick the Skill Panels that are right for your character: You can also pick a few Skill Panels to unlock whenever you have the resources. We recommend prioritising the panels that will benefit the character the most. Is your character a tank? Pick the defence and HP panels. Damage dealer? Boost this further with the attack panels. You’ll unlock all of them eventually, but you’ll do so faster if your characters are at their optimal strength.
  • Stars don’t matter that much, as you can increase this with Potential Bloom: Whenever you summon a new character, you’ll see that it has a star rating. While this rating does increase your character’s stats and you should probably use your highest star characters, don’t ignore those with lower stars. You can use Potential Bloom to increase their star rating later, so pick your favourites and stick with them.
  • Increase your Bond Level with your favourite units: You can also increase your Bond Level with a Stage Girl by offering regular gifts. This is a great way to boost that unit’s attacks, and we recommend doing it as often as possible with your favourite Stage Girl.
  • Balance your unit upgrades: We don’t recommend just powering up a single Stage Girl, as you’ll have an unbalanced team. Instead, keep your upgrades balanced so all of your favourite Stage Girls grow in power at the same time.
  • Complete assignments for more rewards: Assignments are missions that generally don’t take all that long to complete but provide a bunch of rewards for doing so. The best part is, they’re all activities you can perform while playing. Keep an eye on these, and chase them as often as possible.