If you’re a fan of mobile strategy games, you no doubt know all about IGG – the developer responsible for a string of strategy hits including Lords Mobile, Mobile Royale, Castle Clash, and many more.

That’s why we’re excited to reveal the company’s next big hit: Sea Fortress.

In particular, we’re pleased to see another developer taking a break from the usual fantasy themes. Instead, the game has more of a sci-fi vibe, with alien invaders arriving from deep space with malign intent and turning the world into a giant ocean.

This leaves you fighting for glory on the open water, building an ocean-going fleet comprising aircraft carriers, submarines, battleships, and destroyers. Naturally, you can mix and match these aquatic death machines to build your perfect fighting force.

You’ll be able to recruit war heroes, too, and take them into battle against PvP opponents from around the globe, or AI ones in the epic single-player campaign.

Sea Fortress is an MMO, so you’ll be able to do all of the stuff you’d expect, including joining a guild, forming alliances, expanding your territory, and so on.

Intriguingly, you’ll also be able to unearth (or unocean) relics from the old world. These may even be artefacts from the real world, and we can’t wait to find out what they are.

You’ll also need to research new technologies of your own, to keep up with the alien threat and help you to eventually overcome the dreaded Cybers.

The game looks gorgeous, with a fully-3D world and miles of glittering ocean to traverse. The vehicles and bases look great too, with slick futuristic designs clashing with the ominous gunmetal grey ocean battlefields.

If you didn’t know, IGG is a renowned developer and publisher of mobile games such as Lords Mobile and Castle Clash – with a strong global presence and international customer base. The Group has its headquarters in Singapore with regional offices in the United States, Hong Kong, mainland China, Canada, Japan etc. and users from over 200 countries and regions around the world.

Sea Fortress is coming to iOS and Android later this year. You can pre-order it by clicking here for iOS and here for Android. Simple.