We all love a good one click puzzler, whether you are firing balls at a tower to bring it down, or trying to get to the bottom, there is something awesome about these simplistic puzzlers. I could go on and on about why we love games, but let’s focus our attention telling you how to be good at them.

Stack Ball 3D

It’s likely that most of us have played games similar to Stack Ball 3D, or at least seen adverts for similar games. The aim of this game is to get your ball down the bottom of your tower. Your ball can only pass through coloured sections of the tower, hitting any black barriers will cause failure.

Other than these barriers, there is nothing out there to stop you enjoying this game. You control when your ball penetrates a platform, meaning you either tap it to travel through one platform at a time. Or you hold down and watch your ball cascade down the tower until you hit a black platform.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies.

  • When in doubt, stop. There are multiple levels that can be completed by holding down until you get to the bottom. This is satisfying, but unlikely most the time. Normally, you will be expected to lift off once or twice the more levels you complete.
  • Charge your ball. If you break through a certain number of tiles in a row, you will charge up your ball. Getting your ball fully charged will allow you to smash through any platform for a short period.
  • Don’t be greedy. Greed is what will often cost you passing a level. Because you will try to go for one more level than you should. Often your best policy is to lift off and re-evaluate when to next hold down.
  • Smash platforms to charge. This may sound like the tip above, but I come with more news. You can break several platforms in a row, line up your next shot and then still carry on your charge. You need not to fill the circle up in one long drop, it can be several short bursts.
  • Speed isn’t everything. Yes, there are levels that can be solved in one move, which is good. But, if you get used to burning through the stack, then you will probably fail a lot. I enjoy the challenge of doing as few taps as I can, but this doesn’t always equal success.