PUBG Mobile is trying to get us back into the zombie fighting mood with its latest update. The update sees a change in the UI with zombie related game modes under the new category EvoGround. For us zombie fans, this is a good sign that they will allow us to keep slaying hoards of zombies for a little while longer.

New Game Modes

There is one brand new game mode and one game mode with a facelift. Zombie: Darkest Night is the latest attempt from Tencent to get us connecting with the zombie apocalypse. In the previous zombie event, people were bigger threats than zombies. This event is much more zombie-focused, any teams alive at dawn are winners.

Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2 is the event with a much-needed face-lift. This update saw several changes and a lot of new features, including new weapons, enemies and enemy behaviours.

Changes to Survive Till Dawn

The new weapons include an RPG and a liquid nitrogen grenade which sounds like a menacing combination. It’s about time a rocket launcher made its way onto our screens, although I already have reservations over ammo and splash damage.

The new enemies include a jumping zombie and zombie dogs. This means you will have to deal with man’s best friend while fending off the undead. Plus, with the introduction of zombies being able to climb means that no place is truly safe.

Other changes include making stun grenades affect the zombies, slowing them down temporarily. Zombies will also move slower while being shot, giving you a chance to cover reloading teammates. Also, the flamethrower has been buffed to do more damage, after all, is there such a thing as a weak flamethrower?

PUBG Mobile changes

An update always brings patches to appease the vocal community or new features. They have added a spectator mode, so you can watch your friends play and in this mode, you can check out other player’s information and stats – which is cool!

Another change players have been begging for include a portable closet, allowing you to change your getup while mid-match. Plus, you can now change the scope crosshair colours in the settings. These aren’t revolutionary changes, but nice little tweaks to put a smile on your face.

A complaint a few players have had was a real lack of buildings in some locations, like Dino Park, Goroka and Coal Mines. Well, their prayers have been answered as these three areas have had buildings added.

Other tweaks to be made aware of including the increased detection of emulators. This is to stop players on emulators being matched with true mobile players. Lastly, the dynamic weather odds have been tuned, allowing for more normal games to be played.