Clash Royale just received an absolutely massive new update that introduces a whole new way to play: Trophy Road. There are also new Prestige Levels, an Event Tab, and a brand new card, Earthquake.

That’s a whole lot of new stuff to digest. Don’t worry though, for that’s what we’re here for! In this guide, we’re going to break down everything that’s new to help you make the most of it and hit the ground running.

So What’s Trophy Road in Clash Royale?

Trophy Road is a brand new way to progress in the core, 1v1 Clash Royale mode. It’s not unlike the original mode except that it provides a ton more rewards, speeds up your progress, and helps detail what you need to achieve to get the next batch of rewards.

Your Trophy Road progress will also reset at the end of a League Season, allowing you to collect the new set of rewards each new season brings. This is where the only bit of bad news comes in: there’s no longer a League Chest, as you’ll now earn rewards throughout rather than just at the end.

Let’s take a look at each of the new features Trophy Road brings individually:

Loads of New Rewards:

You’ll now earn rewards intermittently as you progress throughout the Trophy Road. These rewards include gems, gold, chests, cards, trade tokens, and emotes. Basically everything.

The higher your Trophy count, the more and better rewards you’ll earn too. It pays to be good at Clash Royale in Trophy Road.

Trophy Protection:

Each time you reach a new arena, you’re no longer at risk of dropping back down into the previous arena after a few ill-fated defeats. That’s all thanks to the Trophy Gate, which slams shut as soon as you enter a new arena.

This also prevents you from losing Trophies once you’ve dropped enough to hit the cap for your current arena.

Once you’ve hit 4,000 Trophies, you won’t be able to drop below the Legendary Arena’s Trophy Gate. However, you can still drop through the League rankings. You’re not safe there.

Chest Speed Up Boosts:

Here’s a great new feature: whenever you reach a new arena, you’ll unlock 24 hours of chest speed up boosts. That way you can get yourself some new cards and upgrade a few quickly for the challenge ahead.

List of Goals:

You can check your Trophy progress at any point to see which rewards are coming up, That way you know exactly what you need to do to get some nice shiny new things.

Seasonal Rewards:

Your Trophy Road progress will reset at the beginning of each League Season, allowing you to unlock new rewards each time the new season begins.

This includes the Legendary Arena, which will reset your progress from 4,000 Trophies plus to give you them sweet rewards.

These changes do result in the removal of the League Chest though, as the rewards you got from that are pretty much interspersed throughout the League Season.

Royal Champion and Ultimate Champion Leagues:

These two Leagues start at 6,600 Trophies and 7,000 Trophies respectively. Good luck!

Friendly Challenge:

You can check out how your friends are doing on the Trophy Road at any, which should introduce a bunch of healthy new challenges.

Do I Have to Start Again to Play Trophy Road?

Nope! Returning players will receive all previous Trophy Road rewards as soon as they log in. This is a great incentive for all players to return to the arena battler.

What’s This About a New Card?

There’s a new card in the game: Earthquake. It costs three Elixir to cast, is a Rare Spell, and deals damage over time.

Its specialty is in bringing down buildings, as it deals full damage to Crown Towers and 400% damage to all other buildings. It’s also a great AoE attack in its own right, damaging and slowing down all troops caught in its grasp.

As you can expect, Earthquake doesn’t affect flying units though, as it purely damages units standing on the ground.

And the New Prestige Levels?

These include:

  • Rocket
  • Goblin Hut
  • Knight
  • Balloon
  • Zappies
  • Skeleton Army
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Magic Archer

Oh, and What About the New Event Tab?

Events are now kept nice and tidy in the new Event Tab, which you can head to to keep on top of the following:

  • Global Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Limited Time Game Modes
  • Grand Challenges & Classic Challenges

Did the Update Include Any Other Changes?

They did, and we’re not going to go into intricate detail about them. Instead, read below for all of the details from the official site:

Clone: Radius reduced 4 -> 3

New loading screen!

Emotes that are exclusive (not found in Shop – won from Challenges etc) now have a snazzy Legendary background

Players won’t see the same Emotes over and over in the Shop!

Track your Quests Chest reward progress from the Battle Tab

Cleaner home screen UI

Home screen menu now contains: Activity Log, Leaderboards, TV Royale, Training Camp, Tournaments, Settings.

2v2 Battles now have a 3 minute Overtime

New card images for Mortar, Tesla & Goblin Hut

Added a LIVE notification to News Royale, so you can watch live streams as they happen!

‘Last seen online’ status added to Clan Members

Various performance/crash issues fixed

Supercell ID ‘2.0’! Improved user flow and you can now do more with your Supercell ID. Check it out in Settings.