Fantasy Stars: Battle Arena is the latest rival to Clash Royale, and – in a surprise twist – it’s arguably better than Supercell’s title. It does seem to require a little more strategy for instance, and there are a lot of options to spool through.

So many options it can be a little overwhelming at first in fact. But don’t let that slightly strange looking fairy on the main menu put you off – here are some general tips and strategies we’d recommend employing to help you on your way to becoming a Fantasy Stars: Battle Arena master.

Stick with your team There are a lot of options available for you when it comes to choosing a team, but you may want to tick with what you’ve got initially. This way you can learn which characters work best for you, and which ones are best replaced.

Be patient Don’t feel like you have to throw loads of units into battles straight away – wait and see what your opponent does and act accordingly. If they have the same tactic test the water with a lesser unit and take it from there.

Don’t panic Whatever you do don’t just chuck units in willy nilly if you find yourself being pushed back. You can often catch your enemy on the counter even if a situation is looking incredibly bleak – just take a deep breath and don’t make any desperate decisions.

Stand back Although your main character is your strongest, don’t push them up the battlefield unless completely necessary. You can easily find yourself coming under heavy fire if you do this. Once your main character’s health bar is drained it’s game over after all.

No strength in numbers Make sure you don’t just chuck a load of lesser characters into battles. Yes, it’ll look like you have a vast army – but in reality it’ll just be wiped out in seconds and leave you massively exposed.

Balance it out With the above in mind make sure you therefore keep a good balance of units on the battlefield. Some long range weapons alongside some meaty melee characters can be an effective combination, at least early on.

Check out that chest Make sure you keep an eye on chests and the items they give you. They can help you upgrade your characters, and this can have significant positive effects in battles.

Time for action When it comes to using action cards make sure you don’t miss – one badly timed swipe can help swing a match in your opponent’s favour.

Check your inbox It’s always worth checking your inbox every now and then to make sure there’s no new offers in there – as seen above just watching an ad can gain you some items that you’d struggle to get without dipping into the IAPs.

It’s a giveaway In the same vein as your inbox, keep an eye on the giveaways and events that are being run in-game. They can often be an easy way to grab a load of very useful items.

Check out Fantasy Stars: Battle Arena for yourself – so you can use the above tips, naturally – via both the App Store and Google Play.