While Elder Scrolls: Blades offers a miniature version of the open world RPG franchise that we know and love, there’s still plenty of opportunities to sling spells if you’re that way inclined.

Would be mages have a full spell list dedicated to them. You can go here and spend your precious skill points on fireballs, lightning bolts, icey armor, and walls of fire. There’s a ton of spells for pretty much every scenario.

In this guide, we’re going to list all of the spells in Elder Scrolls: Blades, including their unlock requirements. That way, you can plot out your path to full blown wizard before you’ve cast your first fireball.

Elder Scrolls: Blades – Spells List

SpellDescriptionMagicka CostCasting TimeDurationLevelSkill Point Cost
FireballA fiery projectile deals 114 fire damage on impact. If casting is interrupted, the fireball explodes on the caster, dealing 28 damage.1350.9 seconds11
AbsorbA magical sigil appears instantly. It negates up to 31 damage directed at the caster and converts 100% of it into healing.1851.5 seconds11
Poison CloudA cloud of poison gas grows to engulf enemies, dealing 26 poison damage per second. Can be interrupted while casting.1101.4 seconds5 seconds41
Lightning BoltA surge of electrical energy grows in front of the caster, then shoots forward to deal 47 shock damage to Health and Magicka. Can be interrupted while casting.1100.7 seconds51
FrostbiteA stream of frigid air deals 31 frost damage per second to Health and Stamina while Slowing enemies and increasing resistances to physical damage by 14. Can be interrupted while casting.1705 seconds11
Consuming InfernoA continuous stream of flames deals 60 fire damage per second while draining the caster’s Stamina (Health if out of Stamina). Can be interrupted while casting.1603 seconds92
Resist ElementsProtective energies cure the caster of elemental conditions and increase resistances to elemental damage by 39. Can be interrupted while casting.2000.7 seconds10 seconds102
Ice SpikeA razor-sharp ice spike deals 145 frost damage to Health and Stamina on impact. Enemies that suffer more than 131 damage are stunned. Can be interrupted while casting.2201.12 seconds133
BlindA ball of vemon deals 138 poison damage on impact. Enemies that suffer more than 123 damage are temporarily Blinded. Can be interrupted while casting.1401.6 seconds5 seconds143
Delayed Lightning BoltA ball of electricity shoots up, then strikes as lightning 5 seconds later, dealing 67 shock damage to Health and Magicka. Can be interrupted while casting.1450.75 seconds153
Wall of FireA wall of fire appears instantly. It deals 70 fire damage to anyone attacking through it, including the caster.2105 seconds194
WardA magical barrier increases Armor Rating by 68 and negates up to 203 elemental damage. Can be interrupted while casting.2050.75 seconds5 seconds204
Blizzard ArmorA layer of ice with 97 Health instantly covers the caster. It takes half of all damage directed at the caster, and deals 4 frost damage per second to Health and Stamina.290235
ParalyzeA ball of venom deals 202 poison damage on impact. Enemies that suffer more than 182 damage are temporarily Paralyzed. Can be interrupted while casting.1851.75 seconds3 seconds245
ThunderstormA storm cloud appears instantly above the target. Every 3 seconds, it emits a lightning bolt that deals 72 shock damage to Health and Magicka.1909 seconds255
Magicka SurgeInstantly increases Magicka regeneration by 82 per second, speeds up spell cooldowns, and prevents spell interruptions. After the surge, Magicka falls to 0 and Magicka regeneration stops for 10 seconds.42510 seconds3510
Echo WeaponA magical echo of the caster’s weapon appears instantly, duplicating all of its attacks with a 0.5 second delay. Light, versatile, and heavy echoes deal 96, 109, and 123 damage, respectively.4258 seconds3510

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