The developers of BitLife are always including new features and improving the old. Candywriter also likes to take suggestions from the community on what to include in their future updates. Version 1.14 saw several popular requests make it to our iOS devices, and here’s how to do all of them.

How to continue as your child

To continue your current go but as your child, you must have at least one child to choose from. It doesn’t matter if the child is biologically yours or if you adopt, so long as when you die you have a child eligible.

When you die, you will have three options. You can continue as a living child, start your life over again or start a brand new life. If you select the option to continue as a child, you can choose from all your eligible children. This is where their age, job and gender are displayed, so you can choose whoever you want from this list.

I recommend having over one child if you are planning to carry on the family name. This is because unforeseen circumstances like death or prison can make one of your children a bad choice. You don’t want to carry on a legacy with a bad child and remember whatever age they are when you die is where you carry on from.

If you know exactly which child you will carry on from, you can change your will to not divide your inheritance. Changing your will to benefit one individual will upset the surrounding family, so be sure to do it near the end of your life.

How do I repeat a life?

To repeat a life, you need to die. Previously when you would die, your only option would be to start a new life from scratch. Starting a new life would give you random stats in a random country. But, if you select try again, then you will have the same stats and siblings as you did the first time around.

I would pick this option if you get a capable character. When I say capable, I mean an individual who has great stats across the board. Someone who has high stats in all the four categories (smarts, health, looks and happiness). Having a character with great starting stats is rare, so I would use this opportunity to get some hard to achieve ribbons.

Certain achievements, ribbons or career paths are difficult to achieve. If you repeat your life and you have good stats, you might be able to tick achieve a variety of different challenges all from the same start point.

How to become a model

They added a new career path in the latest update to BitLife, modelling. As far as we know, this is not a gender-exclusive career path, meaning that both men and women should be eligible for this career.

To become a model, you need to have great looks. The closer you can get to 100% the better, as there is no such thing as a model that is too attractive. A factor that can help the model career appear is not having good intelligence stats.

Something else to note, you have to work your way up to becoming a model. Just like if you wanted to be an actor, you have to start at the bottom with voice-over work. With modelling, you start off as a foot model and then have to work your way up to a supermodel.

Stereotypically speaking, models are not the most intelligent people on the planet so you do not need smarts to get this job. Having high intelligence may cause other types of jobs to spawn, like engineering or medicine-related careers.