Playing games like The Elder Scrolls: Blades is always a lengthy experience. You raise a character from the ground up, unlocking tons of abilities and weapons along the way. Obviously, you get stronger over time, but is there anything you can do to help speed up this process?


There is more to do in Blades than first meets the eye. Not only are you rebuilding a city from scratch, but you are adventuring along the way. As you play, your character ranks up, allowing you to unlock more abilities or craft better weapons. If that’s not enough for you I haven’t even mentioned the Abyss or any PvP elements.

It’s safe to say for a free game, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is jam-packed with content to enjoy. Now I know what a few of you are thinking, there must be a limit on how much you can play. Most free games have an energy counter that recharges over time, meaning you can only complete a few missions before you have to stop.

Well, there may be other mobile features, like wait timers in Blades, but there is no limit in the quests you can do. Once you’ve unlocked the Abyss, you’ll have another opportunity to get your hands on some great loot. They even allow you to choose which floor you start from. It’s clear to see they have taken our experiences into account for this game.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Parry these fools. A lot of enemies telegraph their moves to you, especially at the first few levels of your career. If you press the block button and hold it as they strike, then you have successfully parried. This parry temporarily stuns the enemy, allowing you to take a sizable chunk out of your opponent.
  • Magic is good. If you’ve entered a fight with someone who has a shield, then you’ll know a lot about attacking with little effect. Fear not, if your opponent is blocking then you have an opportunity to cast a spell. If you try to attack or get attacked while casting a spell, the spell will fail. So, using this time to cast a spell is a good way to land some sneaky damage.
  • Chests are best. As well as being able to craft generic loot like iron swords and shields, you can find these items in chests. If you are still early in your play-through, then the best chest you would have found is silver. Gold chests not only drop better weapons, armour and materials, they can also drop Legendary Artifacts. Artifacts are one of a kind of weapon that is often better than normal weaponry. Although, it’s important to note that artifacts cannot be tempered.
  • Be thorough. They highlight any loot in Blades with a yellow effect. This often shows that you should search here or pick up an item, but sometimes items are easy to miss. You do not want to get to the end of a quest and have to backtrack looking for items you missed. So be observant while you are making your way through for the first time.
  • Turn on notifications. After you complete several quests in a row, you will have a surplus of silver crates. These crates take three hours to open, and they open one at a time. So unless you enter the game, collect your loot and then set the next one to open, you will never run out of chests. Notifications at least let you know it is time to open a chest, allowing you to get through them a little quicker.
  • Enter the Abyss. I mentioned earlier how useful the Abyss is for getting your hands on some good chests. So do not forget to participate whenever you can. It remembers how many floors you have cleared, so you won’t have to redo floors unless you don’t clear them.