Gamezebo was at GDC this year, catching up with our favourite mobile games developers. We stopped over at Game Connection America and met the lovely folks at DreamTree Studios, who are working on an interesting puzzler called Delight. Unfortunately, we only managed to play the PC version but can easily see how the experience will translate to mobile.

Delight casts you as a young girl striving to survive in a war-torn environment. She’s also loses her sight – presumably due to events during the game, as we played through a prequel section in which she could still see.

Delight Casts you as a Young Blind Girl in a War-Torn Environment

How do you play as a blind girl, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a good question and DreamTree has an interesting answer. You can see the girl on the screen but nothing else. You can move her around the darkness in any direction. If her cane interacts with an object, it illuminates, so you can get a good feel of your surroundings using this mechanic.

The system worked, and gave us the feeling of fumbling around in the dark as we strived to solve puzzles and avoid enemy soldiers.

There was also an interesting segment where we had to sneak past patrolling soldiers. Fortunately, we had a guide dog, who’d scout a path ahead and bark at us to follow him when the coast was clear. It was a clever little mechanic that created a sense of bond with the pup.

Delight will hopefully launch this year on mobile. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the official site where hopefully more information will be posted soon. We’ll try and update you as soon as we learn more too.