We all love BitLife, it’s the only game where you can have the job of your dreams and a collection of exotic animals. The last update we saw introduced pets and a new ribbon, but this was exclusive to iOS users. The next update seeks to add more to iOS and catch up Android, a little.

iOS changes

It’s been clear for some time that Candywriter loves us iOS Bitizens a lot more than our Android counterparts, this next update should prove it even more. There has been a demand for some time to carry on a family tree even after your character dies. This is because we have such a great life and earn so much money, that we don’t want it to end.

Well, the next update will allow you to carry on as one of your children when you die. Whether this means you get a choice out of the children you have, or if it’s a lucky dip is still unknown. All we know is it will no longer be game over when your character dies, you can live as the same family for generations to come.

The next change for iOS includes something Candywriter calls FAME. Fame is referring to being famous and a social media icon, but more details beyond this is scarce. I think it’s safe to assume we will see a new ribbon for players who manages to rack up a humongous social media following. Plus, there might be an extra job or two designed for the rich and famous.

Android changes

Android has been miles behind iOS for as long as I can remember. Mainly because BitLife used to be an iOS exclusive, so Candywriter has a lot of work to do if they plan on making both platforms equal. Android users will have something to smile about as more standard features are coming your way.

What do I mean by standard features? I am referring to features that have been included in BitLife on iOS for a while now, so it makes sense to see them appear on Android. These features include the introduction of siblings, grandkids, a casino, burglary and escape from prison mini-games.

It’s clear to see that the Android version of BitLife is trying to include everything the iOS version has. The burglary and prison escape mini-games are an excellent addition to BitLife because it’s fun to do something different besides simulate life year after year.

The casino is also a much-needed addition as you try to avoid gambling every penny you’ve got. When I say gamble every penny, I mean try not to lose every penny you have.

There is no exact confirmation date for this next BitLife update. All I can say is that when it happens, we will let you know as soon as possible!