Gamezebo is at GDC this year, catching up with our favourite mobile games developers. We caught up with the makers of Reality Clash, the upcoming AR location-based shooter that combines Call of Duty with Pokémon GO.

We learned about the two most interesting facets of this upcoming game: the core multiplayer battling that uses the full force of Apple’s ARKit and the BlockChain-based cosmetic weapons.

Before we get onto that though, let’s talk about Reality Clash. If you haven’t heard of this yet, it draws an awful lot of inspiration from Pokémon GO. You’ll navigate a 3D map of your real world location, which even goes so far as to track building heights. It all just feels a lot more real than Pokémon GO’s map.

You can travel to different locations in the real world to gather resources, which you can then spend on building weapons and upgrades. Then, when you’re well-equipped, you can take part in real-time battles against other users to earn some in-game currency.

The Battles are Where the Game Truly Comes to Life – Literally

This is where the game truly comes to life – literally. You’ll request a battle against a nearby user and, when they accept, the game will generate an arena on your phone to battle in. You’ll then actually have to move around the arena with your actual body, ducking to avoid gunfire and tapping the screen to return it.

The connection was a bit iffy in our playtest, which wasn’t the fault of the developer, but we could see that this will offer a lot of frantic fun when it fully launches.

A nifty feature was the ability to kick off a battle against another player no matter where they are in the world at any moment. You won’t earn any currency from these battles, but it’s a good way to hone your skills.

The BlockChain Trading is a Nice Little Addition

Reality Clash will be free to play with IAPs like any traditional mobile game these days. However, there’s a little bit of side hustle thanks to BlockChain. You can buy RCC – Reality Clash Coins – and spend these on cosmetic weapons.

Thanks to the power of BlockChain, you actually own these weapons. You can then either hold onto them, trade them with other players, or download them into the game to show off your awesome new skin.

The best part is, there are only a limited number of each skin, so if you manage to get one it could potentially grow in value the longer the game is out. That’s where the side hustle comes in, as you can hold onto weapons until they – hopefully – increase in value. Just like playing the stock market!

Reality Clash is Slowly Launching in More Territories, With a Global Launch this Summer

Reality Clash is available in soft launch right now and is slowly rolling out into other territories. It will launch in the UK this April and the US this summer. The team is hard at work on new multiplayer content, including clans, leaderboards, tournaments, a battle royale mode, and more.