BitLife is always adding weird and wonderful activities and various things to do. One thing to do if you are not an Android user is to collect all the ribbons. Ribbons are a one-word description to summarise an entire BitLife, the newest one added to the list is Cat Lady. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Cat Lady ribbon.


If you didn’t guess from the title, the only way to get this ribbon is to be born a female. I don’t know if you can get a sex change and become a crazy cat lady, so to save time let’s assume that won’t work. Let’s play it safe and assume the only/best way to get this ribbon is to be female.

The next step to this ribbon is to have cats, lots and lots of cats. If you are not a Bitizen, then you will be limited to around three cats at a time, which is fine. As long as you keep replacing your cats when they die and maintain a positive relationship with them. If you are a Bitizen, try to get as many cats as you can. Remember that the size of your property affects how many animals you can get (even if you are premium).

No love-life or family

When I was going for this ribbon, I made the mistake of reconnecting with my long-lost twin. This somehow meant I was in line with the Successful ribbon rather than Cat Lady. But that’s okay, now I have done it wrong, I can give you advice to avoid making the same mistakes I did.

  • Date no one or have any kids. I don’t know if one-night stands will affect this ribbon, but I would avoid them too. Just focus on you and your cats, any attachment to other people is a dangerous move.
  • Avoid your own family. Don’t talk or maintain relationships with your parents or siblings if the bars are going red then you are doing the right thing.
  • Maintain green bars with your cats. You should try to max out a relationship with every single cat you own. Sometimes you can be unlucky and these cats can die quickly which is a shame but remember to replace the poor little kitty.
  • Have no other pets, just cats. It’s important not to jeopardise your chances of getting this ribbon because crazy cat ladies seem to live forever. So, focus on your cats and keep them happy for your entire life.

To get this ribbon, you will want no one to attend your funeral, have over 50 cats in your life and not make too much money to support them. I wouldn’t worry too much about how much money you make, maintaining five or more cats at a time is very costly.