A lot of us have been wondering how it is possible to earn millions of dollars a year in BitLife. Well, there are many different career paths or ways to do so, but a Saint Patrick’s Day update has introduced a new and easy way to earn the big bucks.

What is a Leprechaun?

A leprechaun in BitLife is a job where you have the potential to earn over 5 million dollars a year. It’s not exactly clear what you do as a leprechaun, but let’s face it, that doesn’t really matter when you’re earning millions a year.

As a leprechaun, you work just like any other job. Meaning you need to work hard and impress your bosses in order to rake in the top salaries. Your employer, Rainbow Industries, only wants the best leprechauns. So if you are fortunate enough to land the job, work hard to get rewarded.

How do I become a Leprechaun?

There are a number of things you can do to increase the chances of this job appearing in your BitLife. Remember that these tips increase the chance of it spawning, it does not appear in every one of your BitLife’s. Also since it was Saint Patrick’s Day last weekend, it might not be around forever.

  • Choose your country. When creating a new BitLife, if you click in the top left corner you will be taken to the main menu. At the top of the main menu, you can select the “New Life” option. This option allows you to select the country you wish to be born in, we recommend Ireland or America. The country does not matter too much as we have seen Jamaican and even Iranian leprechauns.
  • Maintain green stats. You do not need to max out your health, happiness, smarts and looks all to 100. But you should try and keep these bars above 50%. Basically, the greener you are the better!
  • Skip college. You want to be browsing the job market as early as you can, this means you can skip getting a college education. Just browse the job listings every year and hope to see a four-leaf clover icon for a leprechaun position.
  • Scroll down. When applying for a leprechaun role your starting salary could be anywhere between 30-100k. So remember to scroll through all the jobs to see if the leprechaun job is there.
  • Work harder. As often as you can you should work harder as a leprechaun to increase your salary. Working harder and maintaining perfect green bars is a sure-fire way to get promoted.
  • Keep looking and be patient. This leprechaun job is rare and often doesn’t spawn at all in a BitLife. So just keep looking every year in the job section as it can spawn at any time. Some players can get it at 16, others will have to wait till they are 60.