Our favourite life simulator has a new update, and it has the community jumping for joy! Well, not the entire community as Android has yet to catch up with all the iOS features. Anyway, most of us are lucky enough to have an iOS device, so we can adopt pets and raise them as our own. Want to know more about pets, well keep reading!


If you have an iOS device and a premium membership, then you will be able to adopt pets right now. You have a wide variety of options when considering what type of pet you want. In your non-premium life, you have only one option when trying to adopt an animal. Basic members are only allowed in the animal shelter, whereas any premium Bitizens will have access to a cat breeder, dog breeder, pet store or exotic pet dealer.

Each of these categories will have animals of different ages and even medical conditions. So the animals in the shelter are more likely to be older than breeders or pet stores and might come with some ailments. These ailments can be medical conditions like kidney failure, or the animal might have bad stats, like a full “crazy” bar.

Depending on whether you are premium or not will affect what type of pet you can choose. If you aren’t premium, then you’ll have to grab a cheap pet from the shelter. If money is not a problem then why not grab your perfect pet from the breeders?

Exotic Pet Dealer

When you buy premium, you will have contact with an exotic pet dealer. This dealer will often have some rare and awesome animals including coyotes, tigers and even gorillas. So, if you are bored with your standard cat’s, dogs and goldfish, then the dealer is a great option to consider.

How do I adopt pets?

Adopting pets is just as easy and as simple as buying property or adopting children. If you have yet to do so in BitLife, allow me to give you some pointers. When looking at pets you should consider the following:

  • The level of crazy in the animal.
  • The age of the animal.
  • The health of the animal.
  • The price and monthly cost.

These factors are important considerations when pet shopping as you ideally want to buy a pet that will last. You also don’t want this pet to cause you trouble, like mauling your wife or children. Plus, you also want to be able to afford the animal. Exotic pets have exotic price tags, you don’t want to lose your job trying to support a family and a tiger.

Anything else new?

The 1.13 update included quite a few new additions to the BitLife community. There are eight new countries to live in plus a new ribbon to get. I believe this ribbon is called Cat Lady and relates to the crazy cat lady stereotype where a woman never marries but has a lot of cats. We will run a separate guide on this ribbon when more details are available.

One last thing to mention is that there is another shop you can purchase pets from called a Horse Ranch. Unsurprisingly this shop will allow you to own and ride your horses. To unlock horses, you will need to purchase a property with the word “equestrian” in it. Just a simple ranch or farm is not enough, it will need to be a horse specialised home.