The beauty of videogames is that they let you do stuff in the virtual realm that you’d never get away with in real life. Take Subway Surfers which you can now play on Poki, which casts you as a frankly reckless youth determined to run as far as possible along a subway line. Yikes.

If you’ve played Temple Run, Minions Rush, or any one of the millions of 3D auto-runners on the market you’ll know where you are with Subway Surfers – though it’s worth pointing out that this is one of the earliest examples of the genre.

It sees you running into the screen along a three-track subway line, a portly transport cop in hot pursuit. Strewn before you are lines of coins and the odd power-up, as well as numerous obstacles and features.

Naturally, there are trains on the tracks. You need to move left or right to dodge these, unless there’s a ramp, in which case you get to run along the tops, jumping from carriage to carriage like somebody in an action film (e.g. Captain Marvel, James Bond, and Paddington Bear.)

There are also barriers on the tracks, some of which you need to jump over and some of which you need to slide under. You can just about get away with crashing into one of these, but hit too many and the guard will catch up with you.

Which, to be honest, seems like the safest outcome for all concerned. But never mind that now.

With the coins you collect during stages you can buy a number of relatively inexpensive single-use boosts, such as a hoverboard, a score booster, and a mystery box. Or you can save up and buy several permanent upgrades.

These include a coin magnet, super sneakers, a jetpack, and a 2x multiplier, all of which help you to get further, earn more gold, and unlock more stuff in a irresistable feedback loop of escalating greatness.

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