I am sure we’ve all dreamed about SpongeBob kicking the crap out of Timmy Turner. Or maybe you’ve been wondering who would win in a fight, Invader Zim or Danny Phantom. Now it’s time to put these dreams to the test in Nickelodeon’s very own Super Brawl Universe.

Super Brawl Universe

That’s right, characters across Nickelodeon’s expansive universe have all received an invitation to take part in a super-brawl. The winner of the super brawl will go down as the best Nickelodeon character ever. But that doesn’t really matter to us, instead, we get to build a squad of our childhood icons and have them wail on each other.

The aim of the game is to win fights, whether it’s just a quick one on one or a more competitive three on three, you need to win. Winning three 1v1’s in a row will get you a basic chest, winning several 3v3’s will have tastier rewards. These rewards include new characters and shards to be used for upgrading your current team. If you are a fan of fighting games and Nickelodeon, then this is a dream come true!

Tips, Strategies and Cheats

  • Learn the combinations. If you have never played a fighting game, then allow me to explain what I mean by combinations. A fight would be long and boring if you traded a punch for a punch, so you will need to land many hits in a row to do a lot of damage (a combo). If you tap the screen three times in a row on the right side, you will do three punches that normally get stronger on the third.
  • Make combos. An effective combination for when you are nursing low health is to dash forward for a hit and then swipe left twice to dodge. You can risk staying around for another hit or two, but sliding back twice means you are out of their range.
  • Wait for your opponent. If you press and hold the right side you charge up for a strong attack. Which means if you see your opponent running towards you then you should press and hold, then release as they approach. You don’t have to press and hold for long, meaning you can pop-off these charge attacks quickly.
  • Block the supers. In the top right of your screen, under your opponents health bar is a red circle. When this red circle is full, this means your opponent will have their super attack ready. Depending on their character strength, getting hit by this super is game over. So when that red circle is full, block and dodge a lot more.
  • Level up your characters. I don’t recommend levelling up every single character you unlock, especially if they are common or weak. You can preview how much improvement an upgrade will do, so if it’s not close to breaking your top three then save your slime. Keep upgrading your strongest characters and save up your slime.
  • Sting like a bee. Don’t expect to get better from every single fight you win or lose. Instead, try out new moves, combos and tactics to outwit your opponent. If you are predictable with your moves and attacks, then you will become easy to beat.