King is at it again with a brand new match three puzzler, which this time draws its themes from the wonderfully furry creatures that live in our homes and get free food and hugs. That’s right, our pet dogs and cats.

Aside from that, this is a King game as you know and love it. You’ll match pet-themed blocks to break them, rescue pets trapped in cages and stuff, and travel through a wide variety of themed worlds. You’ll collect animals along the way and use a bunch of power-ups and stuff.

In this guide, we’ll help you get up to speed with this new match three puzzler. We’ll provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you speed through the puzzles, rescue all of the pets, and have a much better time than you would have otherwise.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Tips and Tricks:

  • Aim for just the pieces you need: During levels where you have to collect a certain number of pieces, just keep it simple and aim to clock up as many of those colours as possible. Often you’ll have more than enough moves to collect all of the pieces you need without much trouble. Remember though, that you can tactically match nearby unnecessary colours to create bigger blocks of colours you do need.
  • Or the level objective: Certain levels have different objectives, like rescuing puppies, clearing paths for monkeys to climb down vines, and other pet-related activities. If that’s the case, just match the blocks that you need to complete the objectives. High scores don’t really matter unless you want to top the leaderboard.
  • Don’t worry about matching three: You can match as few as two blocks in this match, errr, three puzzler so don’t obsess over matching three or more. It’s pretty simple stuff and aimed at a younger audience so just keep it simple and you’ll have no trouble.
  • Plan ahead: During tougher levels, you might want to plan ahead though. We recommend trying to create big chains of coloured objective blocks to really speed through the level. Sometimes that means matching blocks you don’t need. The same goes for objectives. If you have to clear a huge path of leaves, it might make more sense to create a huge chain of blocks that will knock them out in one go, rather than clearing them bit by bit. Again, this is only worth doing if you want a high score.
  • Look out for patterns on blocks: If blocks have a flashing pattern on them, that means that you’ll get a power-up for matching them. It’s worth learning the power-ups so you can get what you need when you need it. Matching six blocks results in a rocket, while matching nine results in a bomb. There are many more like this, and it’s worth learning them.
  • You can match power-ups to increase their effects: You can fire a rocket into another to set off a chain reaction, fire a rocket into a bomb to make a much bigger explosion and many more different effects. Match power-ups together whenever you have an opportunity to see what happens. It might come in useful during a particularly tough level.
  • Matches can be in any pattern provided the blocks are connected: While many match three puzzlers require you to create certain patterns of blocks, this one only counts how many blocks you have connected together to earn the power-up. That means you can have three blocks of three or a line of nine connected blocks to get the bomb, for example.
  • Pay attention to the move counter: You don’t have unlimited moves to complete a level, so pay attention to the move counter. This displays how many moves you have left so you always know how close to success – or failure – you are.
  • Stuck? Try and create patterns elsewhere on the board: We often found ourselves stuff and couldn’t find anything to match near our objective. Instead, we created rockets elsewhere on the board to break up the blocks near our objective. Sometimes that’s the only route forward.
  • Save power-ups for when you really need them: Power-ups are a rarity, and are expensive if you want to grab them yourself. We recommend you save any free ones you earn for when you really need them – particularly if you’re a free player.