If you play games on PC or console, chances are you get your battle royale fix from Fortnite or PUBG. On mobile, however, your multiplayer shooter of choice is almost certainly Rules of Survival.

And if it’s not, it should be.

NetEase’s superlative mobile take on the battle royale genre sees you fighting to the death against up to 299 other players, on maps spanning 8×8 km. That makes it one of the biggest, most action-packed runners on the field.

Since launching last year the game has already been enhanced with a massive Ultra update, which added dynamic weather effects, among other things, and now it’s getting an even bigger update in the form of Epic Clash.

Epic Clash mode comes with new avatar abilities, constructions, weapons, vehicles, and a generous infusion of fantasy flavor.

Among the new abilities is Zombie Status, which allows players to survive in the dead zone as the playing area shrinks, by randomly selecting a Super Item Card.

Other Item Cards let you engage Stealth Mode, which makes your movements silent, Infrared Scan, which allows you to see the outlines of enemies who are behind cover, Super Body, which makes you faster, stronger, and better at jumping, and summoning spells for nightfall and fog, which lets you change the conditions on the battlefield for 60 seconds.

Construction, meanwhile, allows you to erect structures around the island, such as a bridge or a strategically positioned sniper tower. By putting up buildings and you can fundamentally alter the battlefield in your favor. So can your opponents, of course, and you can all destroy each other’s buildings.

In terms of vehicles, the Titan and the Titan Warplane have been introduced to the game. As their names suggest, they come with awesome firepower that can lay waste to buildings, plus any snivelling enemies that happen to be hiding in them, in no time.

And the new weapons include a rocket launcher and a revolving grenade launcher, so you can expect the body count to remain high in this latest mode.

Download Rules of Survival for free right now.