According to Djinnworks, the highly prolific developer of Mech Battle, the world will be in a pretty sorry state in 2203.

The Great War will have decimated mankind by then, and those who remain will have to fight to the death inside powerful mechs. This prediction would be depressing if it wasn’t so damn cool.

Mech Battle, which came out late last year, sees you battling in a variety of broken, windblown, post-apocalyptic environments, in a variety of awesome, deadly, technologically advanced mechs. Everything looks unbelievably swish, with super-sharp HD graphics and some imaginative mech designs.

Battles are 4v4 or battle royale-style, and after each round you can spend some time in your hanger ploughing your battlefield loot into buying new mechs, upgrading them, buying weapons, and upgrading those too.

So far, Mech Battle is doing very well for itself. Over 50,000 players have downloaded the game, and over 1500 of them have left user reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

This may be due in part to a succession of updates that have been lavished on the app since it first arrived. There have been 20 so far, and they’ve done everything from improve the reload animations to fortifying the game against hacks.

Several neat touches have been added, such an announcement when you’re on a kill streak, leaderboard broken down by particular stats, and the ability to share results.

Issues have been steadily tweaked away, too. The camera has been improved, the bot balancing has been finessed, and the weapons are better balanced as well.

Plus, there’s now a whole new map, Tunnel.

And Mech Battle has got even better with the arrival of its 1.4.0 update – which adds another map, The Dome, and eagerly awaited clan support.

You’re able to play the new version right now on both the App Store and Google Play.