Back in the day, before there were microprocessors and GUIs and all of the other technological marvels that we now take for granted, people passed their spare time by playing Solitaire.

This age-old card game – also known as Patience – is a masterpiece of single-player game design. It’s easy to get your head around, and it contains exactly the right balance of chance and skill.

That’s why it’s STILL one of the most played games in the world, despite the existence of smartphones and even wristwatches that can pretty much every kind of game imaginable.

For the uninitiated Solitaire and all its variants involve dealing a shuffled deck of cards in a particular pattern and then trying to get them back in order in their respective suits. It’s a classic order-from-chaos type deal, and winning a hand is extremely satisfying.

Of course, another of the reasons that Solitaire remains one of the most played games in the world is that Microsoft has historically bundled it for free with its Windows operating system.

Not any more. To play Solitaire on Windows 10 you need to go to the Microsoft Store and download it, and if you want to play it without being endlessly interrupted by serenity-shattering ads you need to pay. It sucks.

That’s why we love It’s basically Microsoft Solitaire Collection, but free and available on the web. And with loads more versions of Solitaire.

Alongside the standard game of Solitaire, plus a clone of the Solitaire game that came with Windows XP, there’s Klondike, Spider Solitaire, Pyramid, and – our favorite – Freecell.

On top of that there are various versions you may never have encountered, including Double Solitaire (you play with two decks of cards), Solitaire Time (you play against the clock), and Daily Solitaire (you play a fresh deal every day).

There’s even a version called Solitaire Big, for players with visual impairments.

Whether you’re a Solitaire fan who misses the glory days of free Solitaire on Windows, or you’re looking for a new casual gaming addiction, head to right now.