The month of February is over, so if you didn’t manage to catch the raid
pokémon Palkia, you’ve lost your chance for the time being. But don’t despair! The month of March brings us Dialga, the legendary pokémon from Sinnoh that is said to have created time itself! This new tier 5 raid encounter will run from March 1st and will be available until March 28th.

Dialga is Dragon/Steel, so Fighting and Ground types are its only weakness. It is resistant to almost everything else, especially Grass and Bug types, so avoid those when fighting this legendary. It has a massive strength of 53394 CP, so you’ll need to plan carefully. When caught, it comes with a CP of 2217 – 2307, or 2771 – 2884 in Sunny or Windy weather.

Dialga can come with either Dragon Breath or Metal Claw as its Fast Move, and Draco Meteor, Iron Head, or Thunder as its Charge Move.

Best Counters

  • Groudon will be especially useful in Sunny weather, and with its superior stats it’ll be hard to beat. Use Mud Shot and Earthquake to make quick work of Dialga.
  • Donaphan or Rhyperior also make great candidates with their high defense and good choice of Ground type moves.
  • Breeloom can deal a lot of damage very quickly with its high attack, but can also be knocked out quickly. Get in as many Counters and Dynamic Punches as you can before that happens!
  • Machamp is one of the best Fighting-type pokémon in GO, so it will always belong on a list of Steel counters. Use Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama is another great choice, as it can also learn Counter and Dynamic Punch. It can also take more hits before fainting, which can prevent you from being knocked out to early.

Apart from these, any high CP pokémon that knows a Fighting or Ground type move is a good choice against Dialga. Facing it in Sunny weather to boost your Ground attacks, or Cloudy weather to boost your Fighting moves.

We would only recommend trying to duo Dialga if you’re level 40 or higher and have a Best Friend who can boost your attacks. Otherwise, a team of 7 mid-level players or a team of 15 low-levels will be enough to take down Dialga. Happy raiding!