There’s no getting around it: the apocalypse sounds awesome and we as a species can’t wait for it to happen. How else do you explain the enduring popularity of films, TV shows, books, comics, and games set in the immediate aftermath of nearly everybody dying?

LifeAfter is the latest fictional foray into the land of never-ending zombie induced terror, and it looks like an absolute corker.

Developed by NetEase, LifeAfter depicts a dystopian future in which a terrible virus has turned the vast majority of humanity into slavering, bloodthirsty zombies known as infecteds. 

Your job is simply to survive in this harrowing wasteland. You’ll have to explore a vast virtual world made of numerous distinctive environments, such as a ruined city, an abandoned mine, a derelict college, and more. 

All the while you’ll be subject to dynamic environmental effects such as day/night, rain, snow, and dust storms, all of which have a direct impact on the gameplay. For instance, dust storms reduce your visibility and restrict your breathing, while the night brings out the darkness-loving infecteds. 

Surviving means fending off zombies, of course, but it also means chopping down trees, harvesting edible flora, hunting animals, and even mining. This isn’t the kind of game where you can get away with simply shooting everything. You’ve five different survival considerations to take care of, including hunger level, temperature, and vigor.

And roaming the wilderness like a sort of post-holocaust Bear Grylls is only one aspect of the game. You’ll also need to make a camp, constructing buildings, devising defenses, and generally managing the day to day existence of yourself and any allies you’ve picked up along the way.

As in life, your deadliest foe is not bears or zombies but other people, and so you’ll also become embroiled in conflicts between camps, as you compete for dominion over the world’s last resources.

LifeAfter is a hugely impressive prospect, both visually and in terms of its varied, ambitious gameplay. You can download it on Google Play and the App Store now.