The wonderful people at Candywriter are always adding more and more to their smash hit life simulator BitLife. Whether it’s a new ribbon or a new activity, this update has got something for everyone!

New Ribbons

If you haven’t noticed, there are now 29 ribbons to collect in BitLife. A ribbon is something you achieve by living your BitLife in a certain way. Whether you are an evil person who likes to fight or murder, or a dedicated businessman who wants to make as much money as possible, there is a ribbon for everyone.

They called the two new ribbons added Mooch and Model Bitizen. If you can’t tell by the names, one involves mooching off your family, and the other involves living an exemplary life. If you want to know more about the Model Bitizen Ribbon then click here. If you would rather know about the Mooch Ribbon then click here. For our complete guide on every single ribbon in the game, click this!

New relationship activities

Before this update occurred, interacting with your family was a fairly simple process. You could spend time, have a conversation, ask your parents for money or squabble with siblings.

Now there are more activities than ever to do with your family members. If you can strike it rich, you can share the money with family members. You can go to the movies with your siblings or parents and you have even more options if you want to be a real pain to your siblings. So you can assault, insult or squabble with them whenever you want, just like a real family.

Salon and spa

The salon and spa activity has five options for you to choose from. These options include a hair salon, massage, nail salon, tanning salon and a waxing salon. It’s obvious what each salon does, so I won’t bore you with the details there. The reason you would get these treatments is to improve your looks and happiness. If you are going for an acting role, it might help to freshen up before applying.

Emergency room

There are certain situations in BitLife where going to the emergency room is much more effective than going to a doctor. It’s not clear exactly what situations are better or worse for the emergency room, but after you go, they will rate its effectiveness. This is how you can tell if it was worth going or not as the flu will be rated rather low on the scale.