BitLife is the game where your wildest fantasies are just a couple clicks away. What I mean by this is that it’s possible to achieve almost anything in a BitLife. As of right now, there are 29 Ribbons in BitLife and this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Mooch ribbon.

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What is a ribbon?

If you are new to BitLife, then you might not know what a ribbon is. Think of a ribbon as a one-word description of your entire BitLife. This one-word description is then draped over your tombstone, which you can view from your cemetery. A ribbon can celebrate a wide variety of things, like being a hero or being a serial killer.

Think of a ribbon as something to do, you can just play BitLife and live however you want. But when you’re bored with doing whatever you want, it becomes a lot harder to live your life in a certain way to achieve a particular ribbon.

What is a Mooch?

A mooch is a person who lives off others. If you have a friend who never is reluctant to dip into their own money, then you may have a mooch. In BitLife mooching is a simple process click on a family member of lover and you can choose from a wide range of options. One of these options is to ask them for money, which is what will get you the Mooch Ribbon.

How do I Mooch?

To mooch, one must ask for money from every single family member. This becomes especially long-winded if you are unlucky enough to have multiple siblings or two parents. An ideal set-up is that you are an only child of a single parent, this means you will only need to ask one person for money.

If you were unlucky enough to be born with two parents and several siblings, then this just got harder for you. You will need to ask each family member for money as often as you can. Which means it will become impossible to maintain any positive relationship with them as you will ask for money every single year. It does not matter if the individuals are not giving you any money, all that matters is that you keep asking.

One last thing to point out, you might think once your parent or sibling dies then you can stop asking, well this is not true. If your family members die, then you will still need to be asking someone for money every year. This is where you will need to enter a relationship and repeat the process of asking for money yearly. It doesn’t matter if you marry them or just keep cycling through lovers until you die, just keep on mooching.