Candywriter just introduced two new ribbons to the smash hit life simulator BitLife, which has driven the fanbase crazy as they try and figure out how to get the new ribbons.

With the help of Reddit, we’ve discovered exactly what these are. There’s Mooch, which Sam covered in a separate guide this morning, and Model Bitizen, which I’m going to detail right now.

To get this ribbon, you basically have to live a life that society dictates is decent, good, and honest. We’ll go into exactly what that means below, and provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get the ribbon.

If it’s something else you’re looking for, check out our complete guide to BitLife where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of the game.

How to be a Model Bitizen in BitLife

Reddit user hopelafrance seems to be one of the first BitLife players to get the Model Bitizen ribbon, and claims that you get it by avoiding drugs and alcohol, being close to your family, and to call the police when a citizen is in need.

Avoiding drugs and alcohol is incredibly easy, as you can just say no whenever it’s offered. Unless you’re chasing after the Addict ribbon, there’s no real benefit to taking drugs or drinking, so it’s no big deal.

As for keeping your family happy, that’s fairly simple as you can check their happiness rating in the ‘My Relationships’ section. Don’t keep them too happy though, as you might accidentally trigger the Family Guy ribbon instead.

So don’t max out the ratings – just keep them close to the top.

Finally, as for the pop-ups, whenever you get an opportunity to call the police on a citizen committing a crime, do so. These happen at random though, so you can’t do anything to force them to happen.

Do all of those things and you should have no trouble getting the Model Bitizen ribbon. Just try and avoid accidentally getting another ribbon in the process.