A tap investigation game from Pretty Simple that walks you through hidden object scenes, gory clues and locking up a murderer. There is a smattering of puzzles to break up the look and find scenes, and a chance to speak to suspects before putting them away for life. Every action or scene costs something to play, so often this is a waiting game, but use your energy well and it’s easy to get far with little effort.

Jump right into the search and enjoy the unlimited time on the first level. After the shortest police briefing in history, you get to dig through the victim’s house and search for clues. Follow the list on the bottom of the screen, but don’t waste time reading a single item and looking for it. The fastest way to solve these games is read all the items then search for them all. There are more than four items so don’t forget to keep checking as the found items refresh with new ones.

Hints are only for dire situations. In the bottom right corner is the face of your partner and a wheel of coloured segments, showing how many hints you have remaining. Each hint you don’t use is a huge point bonus at the level-end calculation.

When you get to choose your partner for each level be sure to choose the ones with most hints only for newer, more difficult scenes that you aren’t familiar with yet. All the partners have hours of cooldowns before using again except Jones, so keep him for when redoing levels to pass time and earn stars.

The hidden object scene scores matter.  The score depends on remaining hints, time taken, bonuses for speed-taps between items, and mis-taps. So, while going as fast as you can is important, score wise it’s better to not use a hint, and not tap too quickly and be penalized for missing the item. You will earn XP, coins and most importantly stars. These are awarded for point milestones and can hold you up for hours if you don’t earn them efficiently.

Actions cost time and stars, you will need plenty of both. Your detective tablet tracks clues, suspects and actions that need completing in each chapter. Each action in the forensic kit costs one star and is a mini puzzle game that rewards with a clue to further the investigation. They are simple, yet timed, so bust a move through them.

Stop by the lab, often. This is where the actions are passive time events that you simply start, and one of the crack team will get on with the autopsy or lab test. The waiting time is best used by replaying scenes that you are familiar with, it makes earning stars faster as the items never change position, and hints won’t be needed.

Patience is a virtue. The long wait times can be a pain, so leave notifications on and go back to it sporadically. Make sure to collect the free items that are helpful too; spin the wheel daily and keep checking your mail on the map screen for bonus energy boosts.