It’s been a while since any new faces have been spotted running around in My Tamagotchi Forever. But luckily for us, there is an update which includes a new adult. The newest addition to Tama Town is Violetchi, an adorable little purple character with flowers for ears. Anyway, now we know what she looks like, let’s discuss how to get her.

How do Tamagotchis evolve?

If you are unaware of how to get a Tamagotchi to a certain stage, it’s all about what you feed them. This means you will need to feed your Tamagotchi different food items during their lives. The older the Tamagotchi gets, the more varied their diet becomes.

To get your hands on Violetchi, you will need a Tamagotchi at the Teens stage. It does not matter what baby you had or what toddler you had before the teen. All that matters is what you feed your teenage Tamagotchi at its final evolution stage.

So what do I feed it?

As with any Tamagotchi in this game, there is a hint at the bottom which reveals how to get the Tama in question. For Violetchi, you will need a combination of seafood and sweet desserts. There are a lot of seafood items and desserts, so you could try a wide variety of combinations. Some of these combinations can get expensive, like grilled salmon at 47 coins per piece.

So we recommend staying on the cheaper side of the food store and buying both items from page two. Page two of the food store has a cookie for sale at 9 coins and a shrimp for sale at 12 coins. Giving your teen a combination of these two food items should be enough to get Violetchi.

Just feed it in a certain way?

Well, there is one more important feature to mention. Because Violetchi loves tending to flowers and even has flowers in her hair, you will need the garden placed in your Tama Town. The garden is the third item in the first section when you click on the pencil icon in Tama Town. It costs 4000 coins and should be placed while you are feeding your teenage Tamagotchi.