You might not be aware of it yet, but Final Blade is kind of a big deal. This colorful, polished, action-packed gacha RPG has been out since 2017 in South Korea and Taiwan, where it has amassed a huge and loyal following.

Now, after a brief pre-registration period which drew 300,000 users, Final Blade is available globally.

The game sees you assuming the role of the Black Prince and setting out to rescue the people of Taemoon from the dastardly Cheukchun, all the while trying to prevent a mystical weapon called the Nine Eyed Sword from wreaking havoc. It’ll make sense when you watch the cut-scenes.

You’ll have a party with you, of course, and there are over 300 different heroes to obtain, hailing from different factions such as Sun Sea, Border Area, Flame Cult, and Middle World, among others.

They come in various flavours, too, such as Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Mage, and Healer. Success relies on building well-rounded parties with every class and ability represented.

As Final Blade is a gacha game, these heroes come to you by way of random loot drops, introducing an irresistible element of chance to proceedings.

Once you’ve added a hero to your roster, you can level them up and evolve them, which changes their physical appearance too. And, of course, you can use them to brutally set about your enemies in the single player campaign, a variety of PvE bosses in World Raid and Pandemonium, and other humans in the PvP.

You can even wage war on a grand scale by joining a clan and getting involved in a Clan War. Whichever form of conflict you choose, there are skills and tactics to master.

To celebrate Final Blade’s launch, developer Sky People, in association with Glohow, is holding a number of events. You’ll get rewards simply for logging in, completing missions and Adventure stages, and summoning heroes. In other words, playing the game.

There’s also a Valentine event, in which you’ll receive chocolate to trade for big rewards, such as a 5 or 6 star hero.

Final Blade is out now on Google Play and the App Store.