Idle Supermarket Tycoon does exactly what it says on the tin. You build your own supermarket business from a simple mini-mart up.

You’ll sell a wide variety of goods, from bread all the way to expensive electronics. Well, you won’t really do all that much of anything – but you’ll hire the people who will.

This awesome new idle game requires a fair bit of strategy to reach the top, but don’t despair. We’ve spent a ton of time with it to bring you these tips and tricks to help you be the best of the best.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Tips and Tricks

  • Prepare to watch a lot of ads: Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an incredibly ad-heavy experience for those that want to progress through the game quickly. You can watch ads to generate new customers, speed up your workers, and increase how much customers will spend in your supermarket. If you want to progress quickly, we recommend watching ads as often as you can.
  • Don’t forget your delivery trucks: Not all of your customers actually visit the store. Much like a modern supermarket, many of your customers will opt for home delivery. You can collect the profits from these periodically, by checking the special truck parking lot. It’s easy to forget about these but the profits are incredibly rewarding. So don’t.
  • Complete missions for extra rewards: Another feature of the game that you can easily ignore is the mission system. This provides snappy little objectives that you can complete to earn a drip-feed of rewards, including cash and gems. Tap on the exclamation mark (or tick) at the top right of the screen to see what you should be working on next.
  • Change city as soon as you can: Changing city basically resets your progress in exchange for a serious boost in profits. We recommend doing this literally the moment you can afford it, as it’s easily the most effective method of boosting your profits.
  • Keep your upgrades balanced: You’ll need to start upgrading every aspect of your store as soon as you start making money so you can, well, make more money! You can upgrade your parking lot, cashiers, and departments, and we recommend keeping it balanced so the store runs smoothly.
  • Build new departments as soon as you can: Check the office every now and then to see how much you need to afford the next department. These provide a massive boost in profits and allow you to hire new staff, among other bonuses. Grab these upgrades as often as you can.
  • Hire new staff whenever you can afford it: You can hire new department staff and cashiers, which gives a serious boost to the efficiency of your store. Do this literally as often as you can afford it.
  • Glance around to see what the priority is: Glance around the store and you can easily see what the priority should be at any given moment. Is there a huge queue at a department? Upgrade it. Cashiers struggling to keep up with demand? Upgrade them or hire a new one. Parking lot full? Upgrade it. The opposite is also true – if a department, your parking lot, or a cashier is empty, you need to find a way to get new customers.
  • Grab a few epic upgrades: Epic upgrades are permanent upgrades that you can spend gems on. You unlock gems from VIP customers, completing missions, and watching ads. We recommend grabbing these upgrades whenever you can, as they can prove pretty nifty.
  • Keep the ad campaign up at all times: Running an ad campaign simply requires you to watch an ad to get an hours worth of double revenue, and you can increase this up to six hours by watching further ads. Keep this up at all times as it’s a solid free method of boosting your income.