One of the most challenging game modes has made a return to Brawl Stars, Boss Fight. For those of you who haven’t unlocked this game mode, you are missing out. Boss Fight requires a combination of strategy and skill to win, and every time you win it only gets harder. So I know what you’re thinking, how do I win and what’s a good team to field? Good questions, now it’s time for some good answers.

Team selection

The more times you play through Boss Fight, the more moves and attacks you will see the boss throw at you. Plus plenty of minions spawn in with increasing damage and health so it’s never a walk in the park.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is that after you’ve played a few, you’ll realise you need certain skills to win. These skills include the ability to heal yourself and others, a super which increases your movement speed and good damage. With that in mind, it is now time to reveal my ideal three Brawlers.

  • Bull – Great damage close up, his super allows him to dodge quickly and he should be close to the boss at all times.
  • Colt – Great range, fantastic damage and should be the furthest away from the boss at all times.
  • Pam – Great healer for the team, use the Super as often as possible and should be close to the boss supporting the Bull.

Strategies for each character

As you can tell from the team selection, each character should have its own strategy. Pam’s focus is to keep herself and the Bull alive and be right up close to the boss at all times. Being so close to the boss is a good thing because it maximises the amount of damage you can do per second. Also, being this close allows you to charge your super ability quickly, which intern will keep you alive longer. You want to use your health turrets to keep you in touching distance of the boss at all times.

Bull’s strategy is like Pam but he can’t heal the team. So his focus is on doing damage to the boss and staying alive. You need to have good reflexes to move Bull away from the boss to reload and to heal up, otherwise, you will spend a lot of time respawning. Try to keep the bosses focus on Pam and get close when she places her healing turret, getting too close will mean death unless you have your super.

Colt is the outsider of the trio, his focus is a lot more diverse and useful than the others. Colt needs to be the furthest away from the boss at all times, this ensures that the missiles will not target Pam and Bull. Also, Colt’s job is to kill any bots that spawn in. This is an easy job in the first few rounds, but more and more bots will spawn so it becomes a more full-on job the higher the difficulty gets.

Final tips and tricks

  • Get power cubes early. Getting a lot of power cubes early in the game will cause you to be more powerful later in the game. You get these cubes by doing damage to the boss, so do as much damage as you can from the start.
  • Pick a side. Later on, in the boss fight, the boss will charge in a direction. If you are in the map’s middle he could charge in any direction and you could lose the boss temporarily. So if you keep the boss to one side he will charge into the wall more often and not run away.
  • Time is not your friend. The longer the fight takes the more difficult the boss fight becomes for several reasons. The first being that the boss does more damage the longer the fight goes on, so it will be harder to stay close to him once he is enraged. Plus, more enemies will spawn and the boss will move faster, so it becomes harder in every way to beat the boss the longer the fight lasts.
  • Who gets the power cubes? There is a good routine to follow when splitting up the power cubes. Leave the first one to the Colt so he can dispatch the bots quickly. Then leave the majority to Bull, you can give some to Pam but allowing Bull to do more damage early on is crucial. After letting Bull take 4 or more cubes, you should let Pam pick up the majority of the cubes. So by the end, she should have the most.

I could go on and on about what to do and what to avoid doing but I think trial by fire is the best way to learn. Try these tips out, see what works for you and remember to keep practising. Once you have completed a few you will have a taste for it so you will complete more and more.