Sausage Flip from MADBOX is a fun and silly physics game that’s easy to learn but not as simple as it seems. Controlling a sausage, all you have to do is jump, flip, and spin it to the end goal. Your sausage will stick to any coloured objects it touchs along the way: blocks, pinwheels, vines, and even cars.

With a little experimentation, you’ll be swinging around like a champion. Here are somethings we’ve already noticed, if you’d like to get ahead of the game:

Sausage Flip Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful of your sausage’s position before you flip: To get the best air, you’ll need your sausage to be parcially detached from the current block.
  • Press the screen to slow time: you don’t have to make decisions in a rush! Pressing the screen will slow time almost to a halt so you can find the right spot to aim for.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack: If you find yourself in a tricky spot, perhaps it’s best to retreat to a block behind you and flick yourself in a better direction.
  • Work with gravity: Aiming for the lower half of a pinwheel will allow gravity to help fling your sausage further, while aiming for the top half will give you a boost of speed.
  • You can launch off any coloured objects: Including the tiny bits of brick left over from breaking through a wall! These can stick to you as you’re still flying through the air, so use them as an extra boost.
  • Stay high up: Staying as high as you can will give you as much time as possible to plan your next move.
  • Change skins: The more levels you pass, the more optional skins you’ll unlock for your sausage. Go back to the home menu to check them out!
  • Return for premium skins: Premium skins aren’t yet available, but they’re coming soon! Check back at a later date and see what’s available.