This is a choices game that builds a story through your decisions, using a time management puzzle format.

  • Preselect items to save time. During your turn a patient will request an item or service in a bubble over their heads, to complete a level with the highest score you must respond quickly. There is no dragging, simply tap the item they want, it will then appear bottom left as a held item; depending on the level this is a minimum of three at a time. Always carry as many unique items as possible while leaving one space for random items.
  • Do not slow down to enjoy the view. Once you have the item you need, just tap on the patient, or the stall they are in. Once received, the client will move to the desk to make a payment. Speed is the key here, as leaving no spaces at the counter, or in stalls will mean unhappy customers and a bad day.
  • Good planning rakes in the stars. Break down each customer into how many actions they need, and plan accordingly. For example, you have two customers at the same time, one needs an item, once needs an action- give the item first, then no time is lost during the action as the first customer spends that time walking to the counter. This means less lost points to unhappy clients.
  • Always clean up. In the early levels each stall needs to be cleaned after an animal leaves, it’s just good practice, don’t neglect them as in most cases you have a supporting character to do the cleaning for you. If you don’t, simply time it so you can do it on your way to get items from the other side of the screen or do both at the same time.
  • Tasks are timed, be careful. These mini games are easy, with clear goals and guides. The first time each becomes available it will show you how to do it, after that it’s a matter of speed. Sometimes there is an ongoing task, like stopping a pony from escaping. These are easy, one tap tasks, and shouldn’t be an issue if you are managing your practice well.
  • Spend coins to make coins. Your reward for levels and tasks is stars, which in turn decide how many coins you win and therefore what you can spend on upgrades. How you upgrade in any time management game is an art, and easy to master. Firstly, never buy aesthetic upgrades unless it’s endgame and there is nothing left to buy.
  • Be smart about it. Check what each upgrade offers and spend first on the upgrade with the broadest effect, in this case the desk/registers as every single person needs to use this during their turn. After that you are guaranteed better returns and can branch out but go for patience/happiness boosters next.
  • Check what the bonus goals are in each level. A small meter will show top right to see how far you are from reaching the goal, but don’t let it distract you from your rhythm. Goals reward gems, which are used for a side game with purchasable pets. This is fun and rewards more gems, but it’s more for achievements. The goals that ask you to tap the mouse reward with cash, so keep an eye out for him anyway.