BitLife – Life Simulator just received its first big update of the year, introducing two new ribbons in the process: Family Guy and Thief.

We’ll cover the infamous Family Guy ribbon in another guide as this one is dedicated to the Thief ribbon.

We bet you can guess what you have to do to get this one, as it’s pretty self-explanatory. As ever though, the requirements to unlock it are far from straightforward.

Don’t panic though, for we’re here to help you get the new ribbon. Read on below for a few tips and tricks to help you unlock it quickly.

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How to get the Thief ribbon in BitLife

Basically, to get the Thief ribbon you’ve just got to steal a lot of stuff. The new burglary minigame will help with that, as you can do it at pretty much any moment.

You can also steal cars, pickpocket people, and whatever other crime the game lets you do that involves taking stuff that isn’t yours.

Much like with many other ribbons, the real challenge stems from avoiding other ribbons. Stealing stuff has a habit of attracting law enforcement and if you get caught too many times you’ll end up with a jailbird ribbon instead.

Our guide to burglary can also help, where we’ve included a few tips and tricks to help you avoid the handcuffs.

So basically, you want to steal an awful lot of stuff in your life and try to never get caught. A nifty little trick we found was to close the app and reopen it if you get caught, as it won’t save that bit.

Then you can just try again to your heart’s content. Keep this up and you’ll eventually get the brand new thief ribbon.