So a recent update to BitLife has finally cleared up the rumours about a ribbon called Family Guy. At first, people thought they introduced this ribbon to the game in the last update before the New Year, but it wasn’t. They released it in the most recent Valentine’s Themed update which also saw the addition of the Thief ribbon. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Family Guy ribbon.

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Lucky there’s a Family Guy!

They did not design this ribbon to get you to do anything particularly new, instead, it’s there to reward you for taking advantage of what’s already there. Cryptic right? But what I mean by this, is to get the Family Guy ribbon you must be focused on making your family happy.

Ideally marry the first person you date, have at least two kids with them and then dedicate your BitLife to keeping their bars full. It’s hard to say which family members qualify for the Family Guy ribbon, so to play it safe try to get every family members’ bar to the max, that way you can’t miss.

Happiness? More or less…

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s not just as simple as making the family happy. You also have to live a boring and unfulfilling life where you avoid violent confrontations and earn a little amount of money. Instead, your focus is on your family and you shouldn’t aim to achieve too much or anything notable.

It’s likely that in your attempts to get this ribbon, you end up with one you weren’t aiming for. To avoid a disappointing situation like this, say no to drugs, drinking and gambling. You also need to avoid any situation that will end with you in prison, so no criminal activity and no assaults or encounters with wild animals.

This is a ribbon where you set your entire BitLife to achieve, so you want to get it on your first try. If you have been a good family man your entire life, but save someone’s life in a random event you will end up with the Hero ribbon. Just like if you win a lottery you will end up with rich or loaded, so it’s important to not to risk getting any other ribbon. All it takes is one wrong move and bam, you are on track for a different ribbon entirely.